Who says glass making and dancing can't mix.

I am very lucky to have a studio at home in which I escape to create. It is a log cabin at the bottom of the garden. A very apt place to escape and while away a few hours. Anyone who knows me will be aware of how much I love to sing and dance. Even when I am teaching in school, I will try and get at least a few singing attempts into the lesson! Therefore, whilst I am down my studio, I have to have radio 2 on.

Even in the midst of creating a bead, if a good tune comes on, I will sing to the top of my voice. It helps my creative process and luckily I am down the bottom of the garden. Only the birds and a few hedgehogs can hear me warbling away. I have also been known to add a few wiggles of my bottom in time to the music, in 'strictly' fashion.

So, what is the problem?

I share the studio with my husband. He loves nothing more than radio 4 and a good current news programme. In fact, his preferred creative environment is a calm and peaceful environment where he can be thoughtful whilst he creates. Hence the problem. We have very different creative styles.

So we arrange to work at different times down the studio. The birds can listen to me warbling away to my hearts content, and the hedgehogs can enjoy The Archers with Simon.

What a partnership!

Our studio

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